“My hat is off to you and your staff. The last week at The Experiment was by far the best dance experience I’ve ever had.”

“Thank you so much. I’m still overwhelmed by the experience. It was so inspiring, all of it—to dance, to watch, to listen, to learn, to share, to just be there. Thank you so much for daring to do this! I’m still impressed how much you care for us.”

“The Experiment is the BEST dance experience I’ve ever had! …It has literally changed my learning at future dance events.”

“One of the most inspirational dance experiences I have ever had. Really enjoyed the concept.”

“Thank you for the privilege of participating in this unique learning experience. In addition to the obvious…, you have helped create a community amongst us for sharing and improving our dancing. Well done, sir.”

“For the few years prior… I felt like I had just stagnated. It’s wonderful to feel inspired and motivated again! Thank you!”

“I can’t begin to explain the depth of gratitude [we] feel for being accepted into The Experiment. It has been the most amazing dance experience of our lives to date, so thank you for providing that gift to us. [We] also appreciate your vision and all the time, energy & effort you put into making this a success.”

“The most incredible experience and one that I will carry with me for the rest of my dancing ‘career’.”

“Very clear, poignant, enthralling, and visionary on all fronts.”

“The Experiment is a truly wonderful experience that has made me grow as both a dancer and a person. I have met some wonderful people that I will consider to be life long friends, I have laughed so hard I have cried and I have worked so hard that my body and mind are exhausted but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel more at home within the four walls of The Experiment than I do anywhere else.”

“My words alone cannot do justice to the collaboration, encouragement and support this event provides. I encourage you to apply & experience it for yourself.”

“The Experiment is by far the most inspiring dance experience I’ve ever had.”

“Probably the best week I’ve had in years. The people, the atmosphere, the location, the parties, the relaxed nature of the event all contributed to a great experience. There were so many high points, I spent much of the week grinning to myself…”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better week. Thank you for the opportunity! I sincerely look forward to applying [again] next year.”

“The best thing I’ve done for my dancing in years.”

“…an amazing week of self-introspection, peer sharing, dance experimentation and pushing limits. There is no more valuable way of learning and growing than by being given tools rather than solutions. … Not only has The Experiment provided me with a mind-blowing amount of dance inspiration, directions to explore and a totally new way of viewing my passion, it has also been a highly enriching human adventure that will no doubt impact my being in the most positive way. … It went beyond anything I had expected or could have hoped for. …dancers around the world, I highly recommend and encourage you to apply…”

“…an amazing and inspiring event… Each year I come home changed as a dancer, and each time in a new and unexpected way.”

“I am so glad nobody defined The Experiment to me. NOW I UNDERSTAND… it is a personal journey, so tailored, and so unique… I encourage people who see the dance as an extension of ourselves, our personality and goals in life to apply… I will for sure do so again. … I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity.”

“The Experiment is probably the best course I have ever attended when it comes to personal development. I’ve worked in high prestige companies (business consulting, etc) and been at high ranked universities, but never in my life has something made such an impact on my personality. … Thank you so much!”

“I’ve never felt so at home and at ease, all the while pushing myself out of my comfort zone—this is a revelation for me, the fact that these two feelings can coexist, side by side.”

“…the most amazing dance week I’ve ever had.”

“The Experiment has proven the improbable is possible with the right people and a lot of work. Thanks [everyone] for putting in such great energy and effort in making dance more than [just a pastime] and elevating it to a magical form of alchemy which produces art.”

“Wanted once again to tell you how wonderful this year’s Experiment was for me. I truly felt that it gave motivation back to improving my teaching and dancing. The people that week were just so good for me… Thank you so much for introducing me to them! Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for making this!”

“Thank you for creating The Experiment! [Our city] is a better place because of it.”

“…a transformative experience. I’ve brought back so many workshop ideas but just as importantly, I feel as though a great reservoir of enthusiasm and resilience has been uncorked within me.”

“Everything at The Experiment was great, the people, having so much talent in one room, the location, the food, the atmosphere, …[except] it was toooo short. A year or at least a full month would be appropriate.” (We’ve been working on it.)

“I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for making an event like The Experiment possible. Though I regrettably have never been able to attend, after seeing the impression it has made upon the [dancers from our city] that attended this year I can really only say thank you. They left as students and came back peers, not only inspired themselves but inspiring me! … I’ve personally struggled with the strength to help [our] scene grow… but now I’ve got so much enthusiasm around me it can do nothing but grow! Again, thank you.”

“…truly brilliant and highly individual…”

“…a tremendous experience…”

“…challenging, quickening and mind expanding.”