For deadlines and when to expect a response, see the full Admission Timeline.
Applications must be submitted by each individual, not as couples.
* required
  • Basics

  • Select the primary role in which you would like to participate during sessions.
  • Only fill this in if different from the city of your address.
  • Do not fret about how to classify your level; simply make a best guess based on the largest event(s) you have attended. This selection does NOT correlate to placement within a specific week.
  • Interests

  • Background

  • Three Hard Questions

  • Sample Video

    • Similar to in a level test, dancing in the video does not have to be flashy or impressive and is used primarily to observe core mechanics and overall quality of motion. Many applicants film themselves in their living room or at a social dance, or one may use non-choreographed contest/exhibition footage.
    • Try to include at least two different song styles and/or tempos for a couple minutes each.
    • If using footage which contains multiple couples, use the Notes field to indicate how to find you. (E.g.: couple on the left, red skirt, #102, spotlight starts at 2:45, etc.)
    • If uploading to YouTube and do not want video to be publicly visible, be sure to set each video's Privacy Settings to "Unlisted". Do NOT set videos to "Private" or they will not work.
    • If using a file sharing service, generate a non-password-protected link which can be pasted in the form. (Do NOT share via email to an Experiment email address.)
    • Videos should remain up/accessible through January.
  • Peer Nominations

    Nominate other potential applicants whom you might like to have as fellow participants. (Be sure to also remind/encourage them to apply!)
  • Accommodations

    For an explanation of the accommodation options, see Accommodations & Meals.
    Only select those options with which you actively identify. If you consider yourself somewhere in the middle or without preference between any listed pair of extremes, then you should not select either of them--i.e. you do NOT have to pick one for each pairing.
  • Dietary Restrictions

    (If you select "Flexitarian", be sure to explain what that means to you, below.)
  • Miscellaneous